You do not always see what resides in the heart of a dog but if you trust him, you give a chance to him to show it what he can do.

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My name is István Holényi. I am the founder and owner of ˝vom Holstef˝ Kennel. With my dogs I am actively hunting and competing on dogshows as well as on international pointer competitions both within and outside the border.


A kennel with traditions

Our kennel looks back to the ’80s, when my father Dr. István Holényi founded the kennel, then-known as Holstef Kennel. He has been breeding foxterriers and later on standard short-haired dachshunds. As a hunter and exterior judge it was important for him that the dogs fulfill the requirements both in work and regarding their exterior. I have the same views and am striving to reach these goals!

My aim is to breed excellent hunting dogs that represent the breed and meet today’s expectations both in work and in appearance! I boldly dare to recommend this breed as a hunting companion and family member, who gets familiar with this breed will fall in love!

Regards, István Holényi

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